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I am Sorry.  I seriously have no idea why I did this. I love you. Please don’t leave me.

Its Okay! Forget it. We will never discuss about it in future. I love you too.

& they both hugged each other.

This Story is about Disha. Disha was a very simple, ordinary girl. She always believed in fairy tales & prince charming stuffs. For intention of not hurting her people might call her ‘cute’ but she knows very well that she is neither ‘beautiful’ nor ‘cute’. When all her friends had boyfriends & girlfriends, she never approached any one though she had a crush but it was only teenage crush. She always had a strong belief that ‘All boys are dogs’ until she met Vansh.

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In the tradition of the troubador, the wandering minstrel, and the Singer of Songs, comes Mirabai, Rajput Princess, famous for her bhaktha poems, her day-long sitting in front of Krishna at Temples, and her wanderings, seeking Lord Krishna. Mirabai’s poems and love songs are sung in many temples, in India.

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