I am Sorry.  I seriously have no idea why I did this. I love you. Please don’t leave me.

Its Okay! Forget it. We will never discuss about it in future. I love you too.

& they both hugged each other.

This Story is about Disha. Disha was a very simple, ordinary girl. She always believed in fairy tales & prince charming stuffs. For intention of not hurting her people might call her ‘cute’ but she knows very well that she is neither ‘beautiful’ nor ‘cute’. When all her friends had boyfriends & girlfriends, she never approached any one though she had a crush but it was only teenage crush. She always had a strong belief that ‘All boys are dogs’ until she met Vansh.

Disha met Vansh 3 years back through a mutual friend. Their friendship turned into best friendship & then Love.

Vansh was a tall, handsome, decent, talented boy. It was very obvious for any girl to fall for him at very first sight. But in their case, this was not ‘love at first sight’. They started with a normal friendship & God knows when they both fell in love with each other. Sms, chats played the most important role in it.

They were more than serious about this relation. Like any other couple they planned lot of things about future, even the color of the couch they gonna buy for their dream house. The relationship was perfect according to Disha.

This day, Disha caught him with another girl who claims to be his girlfriend from past three months.

“Not Possible. We are together for more than half year now.”

She was sad, hurt, angry & confused but Vansh’s one sorry was enough for her to forgive him & forget everything.  They were together & happy.

“What? You forgave Vansh ? Are you mad?”

Come on buddies! He loves me & so do I. Yesterday he had an option of leaving me forever but he rejected the other girl. What does that mean?

By this time, for her friends, she was a real stupid girl. But according to Disha, she was just in true love. She considered herself lucky for having Vansh in her life.                                                                                                                                                                              

Things went normal, though they used to fight a lot but these things are considered normal in any serious, true relationship. Unlike other couples, they were more like best friends.

One night after their first anniversary, they had another silly fight, & this time also it was Disha’s fault but she knew that Vansh will never leave her. Next morning she called Vansh for apology. She loved the way he expressed his love after fighting. She was waiting for him to receive the call & say-

“I love u so much Dishu, & I hate it when you get angry.”

But, this time, what Vansh said was not easily acceptable.

“I think we should separate.”

“Why? Just because of that fight? You know I love you & you love me too. You do.. right?”

“I am confused. Till last night I was sure that I love you but now I m confused. Let’s just be friends as we were before. I want to concentrate on my career please.”

“Career.. Fine.. I don’t want to be a speed breaker for you.. But I love you & will always do.. Work hard.. I am here with you as your best friend.. Okay..”

She was sad. She was regretting her last fight. May be she deserve what Vansh did. But in her heart, she had a very strong feeling that he still loves her & after few years they will be together again.

She was scared, that what if any other girl took her place. But any how she managed to smile in public & hide her fear. Every now & then she asked Vansh whether he love someone else or not..  He has any girlfriend or not. Every time she got a ‘no’. She was happy & praying for his career to get stable as soon as possible.

But just few months before their first break-up anniversary-

“Hey Disha! wassup?”

“Hey Shreyans! Wow nice to see you”

“Hey you met Vansh’s new girl friend?”

“What? Ha ha.. Vansh don’t have any girl friend. He is busy with his career right now.”

“Well in that case, Preeti’s another name is career.” He laughed as if He was laughing at all what Disha was praying for from past 1 year.

“Not possible. I am his best friend. He shares everything with me.”

“Well, you must go & ask him. I bet I am right. All the best. Tada!!”


She was confused by now. All old memories were bouncing in her head. Her mind was about to burst. She decided to ask Vansh.

“Hey buddy! Are you free? Can we talk?”

“Something important?”

“Yeah! Sort of..”


“What is going on between you & Preeti?”

“What are you talking about?”

“She is your girl friend.. right..?”

“Listen, I told you I don’t love you anymore..”

“Then what was all that.. I mean the relation we had..”

“I loved you at that time, but its just that it didn’t materialized.”

No words left. It didn’t materialize for Vansh as if it was some business deal. But still she cried, she begged. This was quite surprising for people around her. In fact it was surprising for her as well because she never begged or cried for anything or anyone. But, He doesn’t love her anymore. May be he never did. No one can answer this.

According to Vansh, he was in true love with Disha but now he doesn’t love her anymore. Is it possible? Because feelings of true love never fade. No matter how many times u fight.

She was waiting for her prince charming & now when she found him, she is not his cindrella anymore.

She trust Vansh when he said he was in true love with her & that’s why she is still waiting for him to return

People around her think, she is Stupid but according to Disha, she is just in true love.