In the tradition of the troubador, the wandering minstrel, and the Singer of Songs, comes Mirabai, Rajput Princess, famous for her bhaktha poems, her day-long sitting in front of Krishna at Temples, and her wanderings, seeking Lord Krishna. Mirabai’s poems and love songs are sung in many temples, in India.

Mere toh Giridhara Gopal

mere to giridhara gopala dusaro na koyi

Jakeshira mora mukuda meropati soyi

Shanka chakra gada padma kandamala soyi

Tata mata prata banddhu aApano na koyi

Chanda dayi kulaki kana kyakaraika koyi

Santana sanga baita baita lokalaja koyi

Apato pada pailakayi jane sab koyi

Asuvana jala sincha sincha prema peli poyi

Mira prabhu lagana lagi honi hosa hoyi


My Lord is Giridhar Gopal and none else.He wears the crown decorated with the feathers of a peacock. The conch, the discus, the mace and the lotus flower all suit Him. Now I do not have any relations like father, mother and brother. I am not bothered about what people talk about me while I sit in the company of saints and monks. I am nurturing the Creeper of Love by the waters of my tears. Now Meera is immersed in God, so let whatever might happen.